The Godzilla Movie of Further Confusion 2003!
People back stage were scared of me as I edited in approximately 1200 sound effects in less than 2 hours. I got this footage and desperately needed to do something to it. Who doesn't dream of making a Godzilla movie! I wish I could claim credit for the fantastic camera work or costumes but I can't. The real wizards of this piece are included in the credits. 20M AVI file using the DIV/X 5 codec

FCTV PawPets commercial
I'd never seen paw pets but I saw it was to take up a pretty good-sized chunk of our schedule so I figured I'd better make a commercial. Stacey made the cool puppets. I did the puppeteering and the voices. :) This is awful but it was fun. 900K Windows Media Player WMV

FCTV 'Maf Klass' Commercial
The 'Maf Klass' commercial. How much online art have you seen with a comment, "I drew this in maf klass. It suxxors but I put it up anyhow." 900K MicroSoft WMV

Sam Antha: Private Director
My other major student film project, I had actors cancel on me and I had to write myself a new script again. I gave up on hiring actors this time and write a story in which I could be certain the talnet would show up! So. Sam Antha stars me, me, and me. It was fun but I got some strange looks running into the bathroom, changing costumes, and running back out before the lighting had changed or my camera was moved. There's some cleanup to do in the editing that I'll get around to one of these days. 15.7M MicroSoft WMV

Ch'Marr's Apple Commercial
This was sorta fun. My first video where I was NOT the only talent (which is oxymoronic in my case anyhow) My friends wanted to do an apple commercial but with a little twist. In the raw footage, the lighting just wasn't strong enough and I later went through with several filter passes to make the background pristine white like in the real commercials. The phrase, 'Fix it in Post' is the bane of my existance. 1.8M Quicktime Movie (Using Sorenson codec)

Faking Life
I admit this is awful. It was intentionally awful. I wanted to spoof waking life with freshman filmmaking instead of freshman philosophy. I couldn't really seem to get ENOUGH camera shake to really fully simulate Waking Life though, so this project is something of a failure. 10M Quicktime Movie

Movie Madness!
My first two editing project ideas fell through. The first lacked story, the second was too long and complex. With the deadline looming, I needed an idea and fast. So I looked to the Wizard for inspiration and... Well... I sorta hope he never sees this mess. 9MEG MP4 (No Audio)

I did this for QTV in Santa Cruz in about 1995 and then never sent it to them to use. I should get around to that. Anyhow, I originally made this on my 386. O_O 1.2M WMV


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