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Ironic Hipster Ironicons

A short series of ironic hipster tee-shirts that I threw on Cafe Press for laughs. Non-sequitor and lowbrow art.
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Sammi's Shorts 2003

A selected compilation of my animation from 1999 to 2003. Includes 2003 version of 'Free as a Bird', the first two installments of the 'Circuit Shorts' series, SpaceArk, Pizza Dude, the Iron Claw promotional video, 2003 FCTV commercials, and a whole bunch of other stuff!


See something you like in the art archive? Send me some e-mail. I can probably make most of them into a print in a reasonably short order.
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Lots of different media, many different styles, just ask and I can probably make it. Send e-mail and we can talk from there!
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If I'm selling anthropomorphic artwork, this is the place you'll find it.