Animation Links

Anticz Animation TutorialsSome great tutorials on modeling characters in Maya.
Anasazi The best stop-motion program I've found for the PC (and it's free!) Also, check out the rest of the Animateclay site! Lotsa good stuff there!
Frame Thief Hands down the BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!! This program gives you all the functionality of a lunchbox and more! I use this for all of all of my non-computer animation. Lets you do timelapse, video overlays for composite shots, draw-directly-into animation, time lapse, and much much more. Absolutely worth the shareware price!
3D Cafe It's obligatory! What set of animation links would be complete without 3D cafe? Lots of free models and other neat stuff!

Art Links

Larry Dempsey's Comic Book Inking Survey A survey of questions asked to the pros and their comments on how to do just about anything with a pen or brush and ink. Very cool stuff.
Planet Photoshop How to do just about ANYTHING in photoshop. Lotsa good stuff!
DaVinci Graphics Photoshop Tutorials A few nifty tutorials on how to do certain effects in Photoshop.
Scultpor.Org Site with links to hundreds of other sites. How to cast or sculpt just about anything.
Making a prosthetic Mask My own first attempt at making a prosthetic mask.

Favourite Sites

Mike Jittlov's Wizworld My favourite animator and one of the most friendly people you'll ever meet on the internet! This guy is who inspired me to create. If only he liked brunettes half his age... ;)
Animation Meat Unabashedly honest animation news website! Behold the butcher!