Really Bad Looping Pencil Tests

My friends are always curious what I'm up to, and in general, I feel my pencil tests are so bad they aren't worth the effort to upload and share, and yet you guys just kept asking. So. You asked for this. Here it is. A whole bunch of badness all at once! This has got to be the bottom of bad fridge art. There's some that isn't too bad, but there's a lot that's just outright awful. So enjoy. You brought this upon yourselves! BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Looping Cyclic Badness

The cat with the roving eye.

Drippy faucet splashes off cel.

Flag of Michael Jackson Motion.

Freakish Persimmon.

Crack Squirrel.

The Princess.

Slinky on an Escalator.

Mopey Slacker

Macho macho man!

Neck Spasm Girl.

Just like in the book.

WHAT! You're still alive!?!?

Well. If that didn't cause your eyes to bleed, why don't you hop on over to the non-cyclic pencil-test mini-movies page! You sicko. :)

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