This stuff didn't really have a good home. It's just kind of random stuff. Birthday cards for friends and random little demos I put together.

Tug-card     Tugrik is a red hot fire giant. He's an incredibly awesome guy who can fab just about anything out of any material you can imagine. The year I did this birthday card, he and his roommate Revar were building a laser to point out satellites at Burning Man. Flash
Kate     Kategod is someone I've known from the MUCKs for ages. She's cool and makes lots of neat stuff. I did this birthday card for her as sort of a riddle that occurred to me. Why would a firebreathing dragon try to blow out all the candles on her cake? Might it not instead be more interesting to try to light them all? Flash
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Tail demo     I had the hardest time animating tails and flags until I realized they were sine waves. Once that clicked it was easy. I did this animation as an example for anyone else who might 'get it' this way. The base of the tail is nothing more than the current moment on the sine. The length never varies. Flash
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