A couple of years ago I took a Flash animation class. My first 'class by e-mail' sort of class. Kind of fun really. Everyone posted their work to a page internal to the school and we could look at one anothers work and comment on it and such. Most of the exercises were pretty dull, and I frequently tried to make mine more interesting by doing more than the assignment called for. My final for this class was MiniQuest, which is in the games section.
Playa engine     Flash
Balls     Stretch and Squash exercise. I decided it'd be fun to fake 3D in Flash. Flash
..     Directory
BreathingRoom     Flash
Mechanation     A simple scaling exercise but quite a cool effect. Flash
Charming     Flash
Coaster     Make a shape follow a path. I got a little weird. :) Flash
Elevator     I think this exercise was about using layers. I still think this one is fairly pretty. Flash
Candle     This exercise was using Flash's iditioc 'tween shape' tool. First. It's not TWEEN okay! That word really annoys me. Second. This tool is so stupidly broken in flash. Try drawing a line from right to left, go to another frame and do the same thing. Make inbetweens for it and... 9 times out of 10 it will explode into a billion little pieces. WHY? WHY WHY WHY!? I should NOT have to put in 10,000 shape hints to make this work. Flash
Sneak     This exercise had something to do with mask layers in Flash. As usual, I went overboard. :) Flash