Archery     Just a quick little spot for FCTV's Renfaire theme this year. Quicktime
Animals     Stop motion plastic animals do the FCTV station ID. Quicktime
FlyingBumper     Flash
King Artie     This film was brainstormed, storyboarded, animated, inked, and painted in four days. I learned I'm a terrible musician. My friend Jon did the keys. I did everything else. :). Quicktime
Hieroglyphics     Dancing Hieroglyphs and scrolling credits for FCTV. Jon did the keyframes for the dancers, I did inbetweens and cleanups and composed the wall. Animation is pencils on paper loaded into After Effects with several layers of filtering to get the cut-in-stone effect. Cool, neh? Quicktime
BAD BAD BAD     This is what you call improvisation. I spent forever doing this strata clay project (my first ever) and it was a COMPLETE disaster. Still. I'd wasted all that time and clay making this mess so I had to do something with it. So... I knocked out some bad music on a recorder and then wrote some bad poetry paced to the images, added some filters and I made it look as if I MENT to make something this bad. :) Nice save, me! Quicktime
..     Directory
Snailien     Quicktime
Ants     The first FCTV commercial I finished AND my first completed Flash animation! Marching ants do the station ID to the Sovient National Anthem. Flash
Magic Portal     Originally a 2003 FCTV commercial I didn't finish it in time so I went back and enhanced the animation and finished it for FCTV 2004. Kinda fun. I think next time I'll ink directly in Illustrator rather than photoing hand-inked cels and loading them into photoshop to color. Interesting digital ink and paint experience though! :) Quicktime