My Artists Ambush Entries Archive

The artist's ambush is an online game I got into several years ago. The basic premise is the host provides a topic and everyone who's interested in playing does their depiction of that topic in 30 minutes time. Its fun but after a while, I wanted to push myself further, so instead of doing just a sketch, I started making Flash animations. Collected here are my entries. Animated in 30 minutes time. (or sometimes slightly more if I liked the animation more than the contest) Once you get into doing this kind of stuff on a regular basis, it's pretty neat what you can do in 30 minutes. :) Archives of ALL the ambush entries (including mine in their submitted forms) may be found at
MadScience     "You have found the fountain of youth, the key to eternal life! What do you do with it?" ... I think someone else did this in a movie once... Flash
StickSquirrel3     The theme of the 3rd StickSquirrel entry was 'Time to pay your Taxes'. It's probably the worst of the lot. My first attempt working in Flash. Flash
Fishing     The theme of this one was something like, 'you have to do some sort of thing with your younger sibling(s)' so I took my brother shark fishing. ;) Flash
StickSquirrel     After "Art", I did a series of entries focused on StickSquirrel and his crafy adversary, the CleverAcorn. This first one is so old I had done it in Autodesk Animator and no longer have the source file, just an animated GIF. I imported it to flash to fix a little timing and now, here it is.

The theme of the first one was something about a cartoon character and their adversary. Dog and cat, cat and mouse, it'd all been done. Time to move further down the food chain! Squirrel and Acorn! Long before squirrels versus nuts was all the rage in CG movies, there was Stick Squirrel and the Clever Acorn!
Ship Wreck     I don't remember what the theme of this one was. I think maybe "Ship in a Bottle or something like that. Flash
Scrappy     It was something about cartoon sidekicks. I don't remember what, I just remember that Scrappy Doo was the most annoying sidekick EVER, so I developed a tastey new Scooby Snack. Flash
StickSquirrel5     The last of the StickSquirrel films to date. I'd improved a lot since the first one. The theme of this was "Learning to Fly" Heehee. I even used a nice Road Runner type color scheme. :) Flash
Weinerrace     ... I don't know what I was smoking... I got nothing. I guess this was something about EXTREME sports but I don't remember. Flash
StickSquirrel2     Using a computer really slowed me down doing StickSquirrel and seriously limited what I could do, so for my second attempt I tried to do drawn on paper. The results were pretty good and I got all the drawings done in the allotted 30 minutes, but I'd neglected to consider photography and timing, so this one was never entered. I also didn't finish it. I forget what the ending was. I think somehow the girl ended up going home with the acorn. Flash
Olympic     Ick! Remember how ugly the 2002 winter Olympic mascots were? That was the theme and I had to make up my own sport to get them out of my head. Flash
Moto     "You're taking a long trip across the country on a motorcycle." Wow. Been there, done that! I hit the stretch between Needles and Barstow in the Mojave desert at 2PM in August. I was so heatstroked, I was standing on the footpegs with the throttle locked, singing opera. Flash
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Lost     'Lost in the Desert' was the theme. Flash
Power out     The power has just gone out! What do you do!?!? For me, the answer is obvious!

Weather     the theme for this one was to write something about the weather in your area. I live in California, where the weather is always the same, except when it's not. Flash
StickSquirrel4     Another early StickSquirrel film. Again not terribly good.

I don't remember exactly what the topic was for the 4th StickSquirrel. Something about making the news, I guess.
Voyage to the Moon     You are about to blast off on the first mission to the moon! Who knows what mysteries await you or what wonders you might find! Flash
Freaky     The theme of this one was 'You are a deep sea diver'. I think this is possibly my favorite animation I did for an ambush. :) Flash
DragRace     Somewhere, a NASCAR fan is suddenly feeling very threatened. Flash
FleshyCon     I don't remember what the theme of this one was. I think it was something about conventions. Anyhow, flipping furrycons upside down and drawing animals who wanted to be humans seemed funny to me. Especially the idea of dogs reading 'human' porn. Anyhow, I fixed the timing on this and colored the second character. He was blank in the original submission. Flash
Eggs     The mob is coming but... You're a chicken... And they want your eggs. What do you do? Flash
FridgeODoom     UGH! Time to clean out the fridge!

Wait... It's far FAR too late! RUN!!!!!!
Small     The theme for this must have been something like, "What would you never do, even to your worst enemy?" This is just sick. :) Flash
Firstkiss     This night we journeyed into the secret rememberences of your childhood. Your first kiss. Was it sweet? Was it bad? Squishy? What do you remember? Me.. I'll never forget horrible inlaws wanting a kiss. Ick ick ick! Give auntie a kiss! Flash
Fireworks     Oh yeah! A 4th of July theme! When we were kids, we'd have these big block wars with fireworks! My brother had a keen tree-fort but it had one weakness! There was a hole in the floor, so I put one of those big floral shells under it and let it rip! :)

In retrospect, it's amazing we didn't kill anyone or burn anything to the ground.
WheelOfToppings     How do you choose what toppings go on a pizza when you're with a group of friends? Flash
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Art     My very first animated artist ambush attempt. Done in Autodesk Animator. I don't remember the theme. Quicktime
Puddles     What to do on a rainy day?
Know what I say?
Got outside and play!
Puddles! YAAAAAY!
Sailing     It was a thing about pirates! Yay pirates! It'd be really cool to be a pirate and go and rob cruise ships and make the sunburned tourists all walk the plank! Arrrr! There's only one problem... ings have changed a bit in the past few hundred years. Flash
Sick     This is one of my favourites. The theme was something like performing a puppet show for the childern's ward of a hospital. Somehow I managed this entire film in 30 minutes! Go me! ^_^ Flash