This stuff didn't really have a good home. It's just kind of random stuff. Birthday cards for friends and random little demos I put together.

MorphBall     An exercise in clay animation. Make the ball move and morph into different things. MPEG Movie
Circuit Shorts-1.1 CATACLYSM     I finally found some time to do a sequel! My computer has been upgraded quite a bit and I've been taking art classes and learning how to draw a bit better. So here it is, after all this time! Quicktime
Beware Bewaaare     Another animation for class. Again on my 386. :) AVI Movie
Ship     This is a pretty cheap effect. I did this animation in about half an hour, getting ready for class, but it looked kinda cool. Play it in a loop! :) Created ~1998 AVI Movie
Wirehead     My punk rock wild-haired gadget-girl avatar made of clay. Wirehead's story is strange indeed. Directory
Faux News     A little tongue-in cheek play on the words Faux, Fox, and FOX. Hand Drawn and Toon Boom. Quicktime
RoadKill     Looks like we may never know. This won't end well. An art exchange on YERF for Halloween 04. Hand drawn, colored in ToonBoom again. Flash
Meow     Simple-polygon kitten, simple animation. Just a short project fooling around with Maya 5. Quicktime
SPACEARK     "SPACEARK" is my impression of a low-budget Sci-fi flick... If it were made in Arkansas! Mindnumbingly cheesey! Quicktime
Thingymadoodle     Some kind of weird perpetual motion device. Also for class. This is a good example of using math in animation. The gear rations andanimated textures on the belts were all designed mathmatically to make this machine work. AVI Movie
Bowling     My first animation for my 3d class, some minor character animation of a bowling pin, trying to escape the ball. I didn't erally have enough time to do this right. AVI Movie
Flare Starfire     An art exchange I did with Flare StarFire, a musician I met at Further confusion 2004. Flash
Desert Drivin     Much time passed before I took animation classes. This is my first animation for my first class. Done on a 386 with Animator Studio 1.1 Play it in a loop! :) AVI Movie
..     Directory
Flash     Some of the projects I did for my Flash animation class in 2004. Directory
FCTV     Further Confusion has its own TV station for the weekend of the convention. These are a few of the animated shorts that I've created for them to run between their longer programs. Directory
IronClaw     "IronClaw" is an anthropomorphic fantasy role-playing system from Sanguine Productions, Ltd. I put together this animation for them as a promotional trailer in just under a week by using some of the images from their book. "IronClaw" is a trademark of Sanguine Productions, all characters depicted are Copyright of Sanguine Productions and their respective artists. Quicktime
Pencil     Quick drawings and rough tests ahead. Look out! This is the pencil test directory. Lots of this stuff is really _bad_ Directory
Circuit Shorts-1.0 Blue Screen of Death     "Circuit Shorts" is my current project. It's a series of animations, capturing the secret lives of the demons which lurk inside your average home computer. Quicktime
Too-close Encounter     I drew this last year as an effects project for my animation class. It's all shot in negative mode. Thought I'd upload it just for fun. Quicktime
Free as a Bird     It's been a long time coming but it's finally compete, all rendered in charcoal on paper. There are tons of things I could do to improve it now but it's time to move to a new project. At last, I'm free. :) Quicktime
It's not Ecco     Another early 3d animation. Again created on my mighty 286. AVI Movie
The Chase     Hand drawn and ink-and-paint in ToonBoom, two children getting plenty of exercise. Flash
Run     More classroome computer animation! And my first computer walk-cycle. (Okay, I know, it's really lame but it was cool to me at the time!) AVI Movie
Drugs     This is your brain on drugs. Any questions? I think I did this animation sometime around 1996. Quicktime
Aussie Fried Ostrich     Ever get that hankerin' for an even bigger drumstick than those guys at ren faires have? Aussie Fried Ostrich! Now with 6 inconvenient new locations! It's delicious! Quicktime
Games     My final project from my 3D class, I'd been bit by a dog and my hand was braced and bandaged when I did this, so it's not my best work. Not to mention, the only copy I had of it was on VHS and I wasn't able to retrieve it from tape until June of 2001, so it's atrocious. Still, there's a couple of nifty moments in it, and it's my only large 3d project. AVI Movie
10 second club     Every month, the 10 Second Club gives animators a 10-second clip of audio to animate to and a month to do it. At the end of the month, everyone votes, and the best renditions win a prize. The idea of this one is expressive character animation. Most of the entires are usually 3D but 2D and clay are welcome as well. Directory
Persimmon     Persimmon is a happy bouncy little grey squirrel. This directory is stuff related to an animated version of her I may one day finally get around to doing. Directory
Style     This is a reel of 2D effects I did for my 2D computer animation class. Kinda new-agey and artsy. Done on a 386! This copy is very lossy, but you get the general idea. Quicktime
Bouncing Balls     Characterization study using very simple objects. Lotsa fun! Quicktime
Artist Ambush     The Artist's Ambush is a weekly thing that I go to now and then. Basically, the host gives a subject and you have a half hour to draw that subject in your own way. We then compare them and give a prize to whoever's interpretation is liked best. Though for the most part, we go more to learn and challenge ourselves than to 'win'. It's a sure cure for writer's block.

Of course, not content with a mere single drawing, I have to go crazy and attempt to animate something in that short chunk of time. Sometimes I'm even successful!
Political     Short animations I've done with a political bent. Most of these aren't very good. Directory
Lipsync     I was supposed to do a lipsync assignment for class where I was to use some stock heads with mouth shapes and animate using them to found audio. Naturally, I couldn't do anything that simple. I conned a friend into making mouth shapes for me to animate to and then animated them. I'm such a nerd that I was animating largely by looking at the waveform rather than listening to the sound, so when I played it back for the first time, I got a bit of a surprise. It made me giggle so I kept it. Awooooga! Quicktime
Misc     A bunch of animations that aren't much about anything. A couple of birthday cards for some friends and a mean little animation for a mean little boy. Directory
Dance     Experiment with character motion in clay. MPEG Movie
Morphymobile     My first animation! This is the first computer animation I did, way way back in like 1990. I created this on a 286 using 3DS. AVI Movie
The Dog Ate My Homework     A short animated clip for the West Bloomfield Township Public Libraries for their children's educational information. Flash
The Invisible Man's Vanishing Acts     In this 3d animation, the invisible man disappears, right before your very eyes! (though this is on my site because the lighting is nice) AVI Movie
The Untimely Adventures of Pizza Dude     A goofy little clip I put together about the perils of furry vixens and pizza delivery. Quicktime